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Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut, living a life that isn’t quite in line with your deepest desires?

In August 2023, positive psychology expert and WSJ Bestselling author Zahra Karsan had an eye-opening conversation with two extraordinary individuals, Stone Stafford and Jony Van, who shed light on how people unwittingly settle for the status quo.

Recapping the Conversation: A Deeper Look Into Your Mind

We don’t spend most waking hours aware that we’re processing information, but the human psyche is a complex battleground where our conscious and unconscious minds often find themselves on opposing teams. 
Our conscious mind, the Goal Setter, is driven by our dreams and aspirations, while the unconscious mind, the Go Getter, aims to keep us safe by avoiding risks.

The Conscious Mind: The Goal Setter

Think of your conscious mind as the captain of the ship. 

It’s the dreamer, the visionary, the one that sets our goals and aspirations, boldly declaring “Let’s chart this course!” or “Here’s the path—onward!”

It’s the part of us that yearns for more, and is capable of incredible accomplishments.

Here’s the hangup: this go-getter part of your psyche likes to battle with the more cautious, careful part of your brain, and this can lead to gridlock in our lives.

The Unconscious Mind: The Risk Avoider

On the flip side, our unconscious mind is the guardian, the protector, and the one that’s hesitant to take risks. 

Think of this as your inner HR department, always looking to minimize potential damage and offset risky behavior by exercising caution.

This risk-averse side of you aims to keep you safe from hurt and maintain the status quo—even if it means missing out on life’s endless possibilities.

Introducing the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System

The R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System is a revolutionary approach that equips you with the tools to unlock the secrets hidden within your unconscious mind, preventing you from living the life you so deeply desire.. 

This transformative system doesn’t stop at understanding your mental dynamics; instead, it goes a step further to rewire your mindset for true happiness and success!

How Does the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System Work?

  • Self-Reflection | Your journey begins with self-reflection, AKA a process of deep introspection to understand the inner workings of your mind. This step is crucial for identifying any barriers that are holding you back.
  • Understanding Your Unconscious | With the insights gained through your self-reflection, you’ll start comprehending the hyper-protective mechanisms of your psyche. It’s only when you acknowledge these defenses that you can begin to work with, and not against, them. 
  • Reprogramming | The R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System provides you with the tools and strategies to reprogram your brain’s hyper-protective programming. This involves rewiring the thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that have been keeping you from your goals!
  • Alignment | By integrating both your conscious and unconscious minds, you’ll experience a newfound alignment. The ‘Goal Setter’ and the ‘Go Getter’ will finally operate in harmony and begin driving you toward your objectives.

Benefits of the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System

  • Fulfillment | Unleash your untapped potential and start living a life that truly fulfills you. In short? No more settling for mediocrity.
  • Confidence | As your risk-taking and risk-averse tendencies work in synergy, your confidence will soar, helping you to tackle challenges with a sense of ease.
  • Resilience | You’ll become more resilient in the face of adversity when your mind is no longer weighed down by self-imposed limitations.
  • Success | With a rewired mindset, you’ll be better equipped to chase your dreams and set bigger, bolder goals.
  • Happiness | True happiness is the result of psychological alignment. It’s also the ultimate reward of the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System!

Key Takeaways & Next Steps

If Zahra’s conversation with Stone Stafford and Jony Van was an inspiring deep-dive into the human mind’s incredible potential, the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System is the key to the treasure chest at the bottom of that deep-dive, ready to unlock your potential and usher in the success you truly deserve. 

Remember: by understanding, reprogramming, and aligning your conscious and unconscious minds, you can embark on a transformative journey toward a more fulfilling life. 

Don’t let your untapped potential go to waste – it’s time to rewrite your story with the R.E.W.I.R.E Mindset System!


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Ronda is a Peak Performance Coach focusing on Life Coaching and the Mental Wellbeing of Athletes in her practice. She is also contracted through a large Division 1 University program to work with their athletes as a mental coach. She specializes in fear, pressure, adversity, uncertainty, removing obstacles, anxiety, doubt, recovering from injuries or setbacks, and identity beyond a sport or a role. She provides a proactive approach to the mental health of athletes and teams on wellbeing and the mental side of the game. Ronda is also an accomplished athlete herself and spent five seasons as a head coach for a Professional Women’s Hockey team in the Premier Hockey Federation, and is a scout for the Nashville Predators of the NHL.

Ronda’s education includes undergraduate studies in Psychology, a Masters in School Counseling and post graduate certifications in Applied Positive Psychology, The R.E.W.I.R.E. Mindset Systemᵀᴹ, and is certified as an Applied Positive Psychology coach, specializing in Leadership, Mentoring and Coaching, Teamwork and Collaboration. While Ronda has specialized in the athletic mindset, she is passionate about helping any person wanting to uncover what is possible and learn to use their mind as an asset for reaching their full potential.


Sylvia Halligan is a mind-body mental agility and change management coach. She helps organizations successfully lead and navigate change, make it stick, and empower individuals to transform into flourishing, thriving beings. Her personal coaching practice incorporates a blend of eastern philosophy practices backed by western science. Interventions include guided visualization, hypnosis, breath work, embodiment, energy psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience.

Sylvia is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), holds certifications in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and Applied Positive Psychology Coaching (CAPP), and is an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She is also a Prosci-Certified Change Management Practitioner and certified in The R.E.W.I.R.E. Mindset Systemᵀᴹ. Specialties: Leading organizations through change and making it stick. Guiding individual change journeys through holistic mind-body coaching. Teaching people to thrive, not just survive.


Anjali is a Holistic Health & Positive Psychology Pracitioner. As a naturally intuitive, compassionate, and deeply empathetic coach, Anjali creates an environment for her clients that allows them to truly understand the connection of how the mind and body coexist and relate to one another. Assisting clients in understanding the mind & body connection, how blocked emotions can reappear in emotional patterning or physical alignments in the body, and aids in healing through the use of various techniques, including The R.E.W.I.R.E. Mindset Systemᵀᴹ.

Anjali holds degrees in Communications and an MBA, along with post graduate degrees and certifications in Applied Positive Psychology, Integrative Holistic Health Coaching and Breathwork.ᵀᴹ


Marjolein is a trainer, facilitator and coach, specializing in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership. In her individual coaching practice, Marjolein works with people to educate and empower them with the tools from Positive Psychology, Self Compassion and Emotional Intelligence. Her work with corporations includes embedding innovative, human-centric mindset coaching, training and facilitation. She’s a Senior Leadership Facilitator for THNK, The School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, Netherlands where she develops global leaders in international corporations to unlock their full potential in leading themselves, and others, for greater impact.

Marjolein holds certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) and is an Applied Positive Psychology coach. She is also trained in Self Compassion, through the thought leader in this space, Kristen Neff, and is certified in The R.E.W.I.R.E. Mindset Systemᵀᴹ. Marjolein holds a Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences and Post Graduate degrees in Management and Positive Psychology.